Most members should have received notification direct from Ashfield D.C. that Westerman have withdrawn their application ref. no. V/2014/0664 to build 1,800 houses on Mowlands Farmland. This effectively means it will not be considered again for at least 15 - 20 years. For those that have not received a PDF copy you can view it at the button below.

Obviously this is great news after a campaign that has taken many years of determined opposition to Local Plan that was at best inappropriate and unsuitable, at worst having a devastating effect on Kirkby Landscape and town center.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank those people that have had a major role in the success of our campaign. These include Jason Zadrozny and the Ashfield Independent Councillors who have supported us throughout. All KARA Committee members who gave time and effort freely to ensure success. Roy Lewis who's in depth knowledge of planning procedures was invaluable for us at every stage of our objection.

Finally a big Thank You to all the Kirkby Residents who turned out come rain or shine (not to mention snow) to support us in our fight to get A.D.C to consider far better options for their Local Plan.

See below for a copy of the PDF submitted to Ashfield District Council