[Click here to download KARAs latest objection template to Ashfield DC. Published Local Plan

Document Papers](http://saynotomowlands.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Objection-Template-rev-2.docx)

KARA would like to thank all those Ashfield residents who attended last nights meeting despite the sub zero temperatures!

As discussed we are making available an online version of the objection document that was distributed at the meeting. We would point out that this should only be used as a GUIDE for issues YOU consider have an impact on yourself and the environment.

Don't forget to quote the reference number - SKA3al  which identifies which part of the Local Plan you are objecting to i.e. Mowlands Development.

Again, we would recommend that each family member writes their OWN letter so as many views as possible are taken into consideration by the Inspector.

**Finally can we stress how important it is that everyone takes this last opportunity to voice their concerns. Don't rely on  others doing it for you. If you miss this opportunity, decisions will be made by ADC that will have irreversible effects upon on us all! **