Dear Mr Kemp

I write on behalf of the Kirkby Area Residents’ Association (KARA) with regard to the matters listed in the schedule/hearings timetable.

As you will be aware, KARA’s concerns relate to the proposed Mowlands site allocation (SKA3al). This is almost certainly the most significant and contentious allocation in the Ashfield Publication Local Plan. KARA is surprised and concerned that there is no specific allocated time to consider the Mowlands site. The site represents a major urban extension into open countryside involving the loss of high quality farmland and other environmental harm. If the Inspector were to accept KARA’s case that the level of development proposed could be accommodated elsewhere without causing such a high level of environmental harm, the Local Plan would have to be deemed unsustainable and unsound. Given the pivotal nature of the Mowlands site in relation to the Council’s strategy, KARA considers that time should be set aside specifically to hear the concerns of the local community with regard to this highly contentious allocation.

I would be grateful if you would confirm safe receipt of this email.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Lewis Vice Chair and Planning Advisor, KARA