Last KARA Public Meeting Before The Inspectors Examination Of ADC's Local Plan.

KARA are holding the FINAL PUBLIC MEETING before the hearing sessions commence to examine  Ashfield D.C. Local Plan which include the use of Mowlands Farmland.

The Hearing sessions start 9.30 am Monday 2nd October 2017 at ADC's Councils Offices (Kirkby) and last for 2 weeks.

KARA have successfully applied to participate at these hearings and will be putting forward their objections and alternatives at various stages as the hearings progress.

So What Can Residents Do?

We know that most Ashfield residents are aware of the drastic effect simply building 100's of new houses onto inappropriate locations would have on our existing infrastructure and services. Obviously we need new housing but it needs to be done in a way that benefits the existing residents without aggravating existing issues such as congestion, supply of health and education services, damage to countryside and heritage etc.

Unfortunately the opportunity for residents to speak at the hearing has now closed. The best option now  is to get behind KARA and show to the Inspector that there is significant public disapproval of the Councils Local Plan and that far better options have been overlooked.

Please Give US Your Support!

The final KARA public meeting will take place at 7.30 pm Tuesday 19/09/17 at Bentinck Miners Welfare, Sutton Rd, Kirkby. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU, PLUS ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY ATTEND.