Ashfield D.C. have approved the Local Plan! That means their plan which identifies numerous sites for future housing development (inc. Mowlands) have been approved by the Council and will now go forward to the next stage i.e. Ashfield Publication Local Plan. What this effectively means is, that despite hundreds of objection letters/e-mails from local residents the Council is still proceeding with their plan.

The next phase is the final point at which local objections can be voiced before the plan is submitted to an (Government appointed) independent Planning Inspector for examination. KARA strongly recommends that (for the final time) all residents write to the Council to voice their concerns and objections to the Councils plan to build on Mowlands site. We know for some of you that this is the 3rd or 4th time of writing therefore feel that their views are not being taken into account, but unless we can get our points across for the planning Inspectors consideration we will not stop ADC proceeding with their plans.

Currently ADC have imposed a cut off date of Monday 19/12/16 for objection letters, KARA will keep you informed of further developments and assistance in lodging your complaints over the next few weeks. Please register on the website and Facebook page to get updates as they become available.