Appointments have been announced for the Planning Inspector (Mr Simon Berkeley) and Programme Officer (Mr Ian Kemp) for the Examination of Ashfield DC's Local Plan. Details have also been given for the Hearing Sessions which will be held Ashfield DC's offices and commence at 9.30 am Mon. 02/10/17 which last for two weeks.

Anyone who wishes to speak at the hearing (on subjects they have previously raised in representations i.e. email/letters prior to Dec 2016), should contact Mr Ian Kemp ( Tele 01527 861711 Mob 07723009166 or email  by 5 pm Monday 4th September 2017 latest!

KARA will obviously request permission to address the hearing and re-state the various objections relating to the inclusion of Mowlands farmland within the Local Plan. **It also considers it would help to reinforce the local concern if there is good attendance in the public gallery throughout the Hearing. **